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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 14, 2016, 7:12 AM
 F2U ICON | Karamatsu lounges like a normal human by Sir-HerpSpeech Bubble Blue TransparentWelcomeSpeech Bubble Blue Transparent Right 

Hey, guys! I'm in a bind but currently unable to pursue a normal job. I'll be making pixel art, perler art, small plush toys, and jewelry to earn money for everyday expenses, medical expenses, and saving to move out by July 2017. As I make more types of stuff, I'll add them here as examples.
Pixel: Yellow Star SLOTS Pixel: Yellow Star
    E.W.:  Progress Bar ++sparkles++ 0% by ExoticDreamer Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl 
Pixel icon; animated brofist
Kiss-the-Iconist Progress Bar ++sparkles++ 0% by ExoticDreamer Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl        
Pixel icon; Matsusona
    T.P.:  Progress Bar ++sparkles++ 0% by ExoticDreamer Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl 
Plushie; Kurama the Kyuubi
Status - Open Blue Rounded Rectangle 1 Anim 1 by Sir-Herp
Status - Open Blue Rounded Rectangle 1 Anim 1 by Sir-Herp
Status - Open Blue Rounded Rectangle 1 Anim 1 by Sir-Herp

Pixel: Yellow Star FINISHED COMMISSIONS Pixel: Yellow Star 
COMMISSION | Avatar for TrashKitten4 by Sir-Herp

 Double Exclamation ABOUT PRICES + PAYMENT Double Exclamation
  • For pixel art, please read the additional details below all my examples. 
  • All prices are tentative and will be negotiated via notes
  • If your request is simpler than my usual work, the total may be lower than my base price!
  • Bulk orders may get discounts
  • Paypal highly preferred; points or cash okay if necessary
  • Payment 100% at beginning highly preferred; 50% at beginning + 50% at finish okay if necessary



FREE AVI | Jumpsuit Karamatsu ''Heh'' w/ Shades by Sir-HerpFREE AVI | Ichimatsu and Esper Kitty by Sir-Herp  PIXEL | Mini Gaia Avatar (Jan. 2015) by Sir-HerpFREE AVI | #385 Jirachi (Twinkling Ver.) by Sir-HerpFREE AVI | Sleeping Pikachu by Sir-Herp 
F2U AVATAR | MP100 Ritsu (Santa v1) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Karamatsu (Santa v1) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Choromatsu (Santa v1) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Ichimatsu (Santa v2) 
FREE AVI | #227 Skarmory by Sir-HerpFREE AVI | #722 Rowlet (normal ver) by Sir-HerpF2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (New Years v1)F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (shiny + blinking) by Sir-Herp 

SIZE: 50x50 pixels
Ask: recolors


FREE BULLET | #25 Pikachu (v1) by Sir-HerpFREE BULLET | #129 Magikarp by Sir-HerpFREE BULLET | #403 Shinx by Sir-HerpFREE BULLET | #282 Gardevoir by Sir-HerpFREE BULLET | #255 Torchic (v1) by Sir-HerpFREE BULLET | #155 Cyndaquil by Sir-HerpFREE BULLET | #334 Altaria by Sir-HerpBULLET | Alolan Exeggutor (Short Neck) by Sir-HerpBULLET | Alolan Exeggutor (LONG Neck) by Sir-HerpBULLET | Alolan Exeggutor (MEGA Neck) by Sir-Herp
F2U BULLET | PKMN Pokeball (v2) F2U BULLET | PKMN Great Ball (v2) F2U BULLET | PKMN Pokeball (v1) F2U BULLET | PKMN Great Ball (v1) F2U BULLET | PKMN Ultra Ball (v1) F2U BULLET | PKMN Master Ball (v1) 

SIZE: Usually less than 15px on any side
(The Alolan Exeggutor are super tall as a joke) 
+$0.50: each micro pixel recolor


F2U | MP100 Reigen Emoji Pack (Download) by Sir-Herp
F2U  BULLET | Mob / Shigeo (:| ver) F2U  BULLET | MP100 Ritsu - Deadpan F2U BULLET | MP100 Teru v1 - Grin F2U BULLET | MP100 Shou - Laugh 
F2U BULLET | MP100 Shigeo - Santa F2U  BULLET | MP100 Ritsu - Xmas F2U BULLET | MP100 Reigen - Santa F2U BULLET | Dimple / Ekubo 
F2U BULLET | OSMT Osomatsu (Grin) F2U BULLET | OSMT Karamatsu (Grin) F2U BULLET | OSMT Choromatsu (Smile) F2U BULLET | OSMT Ichimatsu (Glare) F2U BULLET | OSMT Jyushimatsu (Laugh) F2U BULLET | OSMT Todomatsu (Meow) 
F2U BULLET | OSMT Osomatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Karamatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Choromatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Ichimatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Jyushimatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Todomatsu (Xmas Zombie) 
F2U BULLET | Pikachu v2 - XMAS
F2U BULLET | Osomatsu / Red Matsu F2U BULLET | Karamatsu / Blue Matsu F2U BULLET | Choromatsu / Green Matsu F2U BULLET | Ichimatsu / Purple Matsu F2U BULLET | Jyushimatsu / Yellow Matsu F2U BULLET | Todomatsu / Pink Matsu 

SIZE: less than 25px on any side
+$2: each additional emote expression
+$0.50: each mini icon recolor 


FREE ICON | Journey, Start! (Emerald - Male) by Sir-HerpBeauty-Karamatsu's Group Icon! (DO NOT USE) by Sir-HerpF2U ICON | Karamatsu lounges like a normal human by Sir-Herp
Pixel Chandelure by Sir-HerpPixel | Neku by Sir-HerpF2U ICON | Karamatsu walks like a normal human by Sir-Herp

SIZE: Varied
: Ask for a quote! 


turquoise tick WILL DO turquoise tick

  • chibi humanoids OR cute creatures
  • objects OR symbols OR text
  • portraits > full body chibis; can do either
  • male characters > female characters; can do either
  • one character per icon
  • fanart OR OCs OR Gaia/Solia/etc. Online avatars
x WON'T DO x
  • overly complicated requests
  • anything way beyond my skill level (ex. muscles, realism)
  • anything sexual or 18+ (includes huge boobs)
  • anything anti-LGBTQ+ OR otherwise hateful

Double Exclamation INCLUDED IN BASE PRICE Double Exclamation 

  • single-color lineart (ex. Neku) OR no lineart if subject is too small 
  • base colors + basic cell-shading where necessary 
  • transparent OR simple static background

Double Exclamation OPTIONAL Double Exclamation
Not all options available for all icons.
  • +$1: colored lineart (ex. shiny RowletSkarmory)
  • +$1: more detailed shadows/highlights (ex. shiny RowletBeauty-Karamatsu)
  • +$0.50: border around character OR simple shadow under character 
  • Ask: more detailed background/environment (ex. Jirachi, PikachuEmerald Trainer)
  • +$0.50 each: static text OR symbols (words, usernames, chat bubbles, sparkles, hearts, etc.)
  • simple animation
    +$1: blinking eyes (eyes 4px or smaller, ex. most of my work)
    +$2: blinking eyes (eyes 5px or bigger, ex. shiny RowletNeku)
    +$1: floating/flying character (ex. Latias
    +$1: sparkles around or on character (ex. Beauty-Karamatsu)
  • Ask: other animations (ex. Karamatsu walking or posing
  • Ask: ways to lower price (no shadows, less detail, rougher lineart, etc.)


turquoise tick WILL DO turquoise tick

  • chibi humanoids OR cute creatures 
  • objects OR symbols
  • objects/symbols > creatures > humanoids
  • heads > full body; can do either
  • male characters > female characters; can do either
  • fanart OR OCs
x WON'T DO x
  • overly complicated requests
  • anything sexual or 18+ (includes huge boobs)
  • anything anti-LGBTQ+ OR otherwise hateful
  • anything way out of my current skill level
Double Exclamation IMPORTANT NOTE Double Exclamation
  • These are much more technically and emotionally complicated for me to make
    and I really prefer my pixel art over these :cringe: 


Shigeo / Mob Perler Bead Magnet (v1) by Sir-Herp Perlermatsu Magnets by Sir-Herp PERLER | LoZ:OoT Hearts HP Bar Necklace by Sir-Herp

BASE PRICE: Ask for a quote!
SIZE: Small (preferred)
NOTES: Can make from my own pixel art or official sprites. 
If requesting an original design, your total will include the price of making the pixel version.
I don't have too many colors yet, so I'm limited on what I'm able to make.


PLUSHIE | KH Giant Sea Salt Ice Cream by Sir-Herp SALE | Lifesize Shiny Drifloon Plush by Sir-Herp Cubebehs | White/Orange Bunneh (For Sale!) by Sir-Herp
SALE | Paopu Fruit Mini Plush Keychain by Sir-Herp SALE | Paopu Plushie with Posable Leaf (v2) by Sir-Herp

SIZE: Small (generally under 14")
BASE PRICE: Ask for quote!
NOTES: Simple shapes highly preferred. 
I can't do quadrupedal creatures or complicated embroidery (ex. words) very well yet.
However, I'd still like to challenge myself to make a humanoid plush doll. 


Red/Wht/Blue Zipper Cuff with Secret Stash Pocket by Sir-Herp POKEBOW | #197 Umbreon (Patchwork Style) by Sir-Herp POKEBOW | #425 Drifloon (Shiny) by Sir-Herp

SIZE: Small-medium
BASE PRICE: Ask for quote!
NOTES: I'd rather make cute bows than bracelets right now, tbh.

Tiny Heart Please share this journal! I'd really appreciate it. Tiny Heart 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast & modified by Sir-Herp
UnrealOdd Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Student Filmographer
i'll share this to help you out, i might still have money on my card if i do i'll certainly get something X') if i have money ill note you
Sir-Herp Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Oh, thank you so much!! FREE AVI | #722 Rowlet (normal ver) 

It'll take maybe another week or two, but I plan on making some Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Osomatsu-san, and possibly food-related plushies ASAP. After that, I wanna try making some jewelry and bags again. Bit of variety, hehe. 

If there's something specific you'd like, feel free to note me to see if I can do it! Tiny Heart 
UnrealOdd Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Student Filmographer
i lost my card but im going to find it today, then i will note you haha
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