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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 3:14 AM
Christmas Tree (Small)Fox emoji - Christmas!Present Bullet 
Decided on a whim that I'll be doing a daily challenge this month
(probably cuz I saw the above fox cutie, tbh):

Make or edit at least 1 fandom-related winter holiday-themed pixel per day.

(All are usable via Add Media!)


  • I'd like to make icons for holidays I don't know much about (like Hanukkah)
  • SO, if you celebrate winter holidays besides Xmas or New Years and wanna represent, please comment some of your favorite things about them, what's important to you about these holidays, what represents them to you, OR something you'd like to see a character doing, ex. a Pokemon playing with a dreidel.
  • Give me ideas on how to represent you! c:


F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (Holiday ver 1) F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (Holiday ver 2) F2U BULLET | MP100 Shigeo - Santa F2U BULLET | MP100 Reigen - Santa F2U  BULLET | MP100 Ritsu - Xmas F2U BULLET | Pikachu v2 - XMAS F2U BULLET | OSMT Karamatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Jyushimatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Ichimatsu (Xmas Zombie) 

Already laughing at the massive stylistic/content differences thus far, tbh.


F2U BULLET | OSMT Osomatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Choromatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U BULLET | OSMT Todomatsu (Xmas Zombie) F2U AVATAR | MP100 Shigeo / Mob (Santa v1) F2U AVATAR | MP100 Ritsu (Santa v1) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Osomatsu (Santa v1) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Karamatsu (Santa v1)   

School/money stress really made me fall behind on this week, oop.
Most(?) of these were made in week 3, technically. OTL


F2U AVATAR | OSMT Choromatsu (Santa v1) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Karamatsu (Santa v3) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Ichimatsu (Santa v1) 

(:eagerblank:still catching up)


F2U AVATAR | OSMT Karamatsu (Santa v2) F2U AVATAR | OSMT Ichimatsu (Santa v2) F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (New Years v1) 

Really want me to make you something, including non-holiday things?

For some coin, I can grant your request.

PIXEL + PLUSH + CRAFTS COMMISSIONS: OPEN Speech Bubble Blue TransparentWelcomeSpeech Bubble Blue Transparent Right 
Hey, guys! I'm in a bind but currently unable to pursue a normal job. I'll be making pixel art, perler art, small plush toys, and jewelry to earn money for everyday expenses, medical expenses, and saving to move out by July 2017. As I make more types of stuff, I'll add them here as examples.Pixel: Yellow Star SLOTS Pixel: Yellow Star
Pixel icon; animated brofist
Pixel icon; Matsusona
Plushie; Kurama the Kyuubi

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Rhodanthe-Roseora Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student General Artist
Icons representing a mixed pagan christmas would be nice ~^.^~ My family has always celebrated a wierd mix of some very obscure traditions, so i've never seen it represented... but it would be nice. 
Sir-Herp Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student General Artist
I don't know what a "mixed pagan Christmas" would look like. I'm non-religious and my family is mostly Asian immigrants. ^^;

Can you describe it better? Such as your favorite things to do, foods you eat, decorations you use, special things you wear, other things like colors/feelings/ideas that represent these traditions to you, etc.? Like, for Hanukkah, there's blue and silver associated with it, and latkes, dreidels, menorahs, and the Star of David. Stuff like that. 
Rhodanthe-Roseora Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student General Artist
Well for the most part it seems very much like christmas. :) 

We go to the german market, and normally end up buying loads of new decorations and crystals XD but it stays up all the time. Last year I got a dreamcatcher with  an amethyst, this year I got a set of quartz crystals. We also have candles. Lots and lots of them, I always like yo use one to meditate for a bit to welcome in the new year.

We dont really eat traditionally christmas foods though, it tends to be junk food, mostly vegetarian. My mom always likes to get us mini med spiced cheeses that are delicious :3 We always have yule log as well but I think most celebrations do XD Lots of fruit tea too.

On new years day we always used to go walking in the moors/woods, always around the same place. A few miles out there was a random bookshop my Dad used to like, I hated the snow and would be moaning about the cold, my parents would always just say "nature made it cold today so respect it." That used to be said about everything XD

Supposedly burning holly on yule burns away the previous years problems? We never really did that though, as we tended to use deadwood for our fire rather than cutting living plants.

Theres morris dancing as well, thats kinda seen all year round here though, but I think that might be in part to tourists XD

Theres another really crazy sword thing, but nobody does that, because it involves balancing swords in the stupidest ways possible so its dangerous... (that might JUST be my dad actually so i'm not sure how much of thats pagan XD)

Theres also a sword dance.

Our Yule is starting to sound wierder and wierder the more I think about it...

I know its a bit of aculture mashup XD 

Just curious, whats your holidays like? :)
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December 1, 2016